Thursday, September 16, 2004

Phantoms coming through...

and staying, invited or not, ever staying shadows, smells, narrow corridors of cold mist. Always found the expression "got some thinking to do" interesting. Someone deciding to do what has never been interrupted. Language brings a whole new strenght to it. Spoken forms of thought, feeling.
So they come around again and again. No, not trying to find some twisted logic here. There is no twisted logic in the universe. Our research is everlasting. Even reaching the aimed painful perfection, the being still hurts, this time for others, who remain striving, crawling, crying. What would you feel if you gave someone sweet paradise and then it would become mistreated and destroyed?
A teacher of gone times didn't like Lobo Antunes, claiming the lack of punctuation. I suppose she may feel the same about Saramago.
Punctuation, an interesting subject on the verge of an unexpected match.

We'll all sit in front of the TV screen as if everything was all right.

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